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News Flash: It’s not easy being plant-based

Ain’t that the truth? After a month of eating a vegetarian diet (at least) and mostly a plant-based, or vegan, diet, I have learned that it gets easier. My husband, though, having just recently watched Forks over Knives with me, has decided to commit to a much-more plant-focused diet. He has always been a hearty eater, someone who is high energy and burns calories quickly, it’s been difficult for him to “fill up” on this type of meal during the first week.

Homemade Pesto with Veggies and Hummus

Knowing that it is possible to eat this kind of diet and eat filling meals I went in search of some supporting evidence and found this awesome blog post on sproutnewroots! Many of these snack ideas I’ve read before and several I’ve tried.  We were fortunate to move into a health-conscious neighborhood of Louisville with a GREAT health section of the grocery.  I frequently crank out my own almond and peanut butter which I love to eat with apple slices for breakfasts and snacks (or desserts). I’ve made kale chips a few times (over-salted on occasion) and hummus is a STAPLE in my fridge. I have made a note to try the roasted chick peas soon, but I’ve not found a great seasoning that’s my go-to for recipes like that.  I cannot say enough about how much I love homemade pesto. (see picture at right for my most recent concoction!)

As I’ve read and mentioned to Michael, it’s not easy changing habits.  Our way of eating is probably our longest habit.  It may be difficult to find the motivation or will to eat plant-based, but the longer you do it, the more often you make those good choices for your health, the easier it will become.

You don’t have to go cold turkey overnight.  Most of the people who I’ve read about on this diet have started out by simply cutting out meat from most or all of their meals and added plants to more dishes, then slowly they lose interest in those flavors. Kelli from sproutnewroots put it this way, when you switched from whole milk to skim milk, it tasted weird…. but after a while you could never go back!  Take the challenge to better your health.  You might feel more hungry, but here’s the secret… you can EAT!  As the picture above indicates, veggies fill you up faster with fewer calories, this means when you’re eating a plant-based diet you can eat more of it than your animal-eating friends.

Check out this awesome blog for more tips and tricks for eating plant-based.




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