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As long as it tastes good

“As long as it tastes good…” this has been Michael’s mantra during this whole plant-based process. My husband has always enjoyed his food.  Some might mistake him for a picky eater, when in reality he simply has a focus on texture and mushy foods bother him (which is why, try as I might, I can’t bribe him to eat a delicious bowl of my black bean soup!)

Last night, I failed him.  You see, we’ve been busy this week, and he’s been a bit hungrier than usual.  I’ve been doing my best to support him in this diet and lifestyle, but I feared his failure boredom with it. I decided to offer him a chance to go to a restaurant… a normal pizza place in our area (and nationwide) called Mellow Mushroom.  I had recently read the blog of fellow plant-based eaters the Indy Vegan Family and their trip to a Mellow Mushroom in their area.  Following his advice, we ordered the vegan pizza complete with LOADS of veggies, vegan cheese and tempeh.

Mistake number 1- there was no tempeh on our pizza

Mistake number 2- Never have I seen a better impostor than that vegan “cheese”… Though it looked remarkably similar to a melted mozzarella, it was far from it. In fact, it was something reminiscent of a cafeteria cheese sauce made out of american cheese and goo.  One bite and I knew Michael would hate it.  I put on a brave face and continued eating my pizza out of support, but it was horrible.  Eventually, even Michael caved and started pulling all of the “cheese” off and eating what was left.

Mistake number 3- Unfortunately, I mis-spoke when I asked the waitress “can I get as many veggies as I want”. I meant to say “how many veggies some on this pizza before additional cost” so in the end, we ended up paying $40 for a medium pizza and two waters…

Additionally, each topping was about $.89 and after buying veggies in bulk for several weeks, I would estimate that to be the price of most peppers or canned veggies. However, we probably had about 1/5 of a pepper on our whole pizza and only a small handful of other veggies.  It was hardly the high-stacked veggie monstrosity that I was expecting.

The WORST part of the whole night was how we felt.  Now, yes, you might be thinking “is vegan cheese on a plant-based diet” and the answer is, you’re probably right.  The main difference between plant-based eating and vegan eating is that plant-based eaters don’t want fake substitutes… they want the real thing!  Brightly colored, all natural foods.  Well, we sure paid the price for our mistake.  Both of us left the table feeling gross and by the time we reached home we were nauseous and sick! I admitted that I hadn’t felt that gross after eating since I began the process in October!

We decided to use this as a reminder for why we’re eating the way we are… so we never have to feel that way again! We will of course, steer clear of the false plant-based foods that could lure our eyes, and probably won’t attempt to eat at a pizza place again without a better strategy!

All this to say, it sure did NOT taste good.




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