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Happy Hollandays

I hope you and yours had a merry Christmas! I have enjoyed spending time with our Carolina relatives.  We always find fun activities to do, like nerf fights (boys vs girls of course).  Last Christmas together, the boys got the guns (perhaps my mother-in-law didn’t realize how much fun us girls would have with it) and the ladies took cover. This year, we got ours from G&G (Grandma and Grandpa) with extra “ammo” and as soon as the boys opened theirs, we fanned out across the house.

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2013


At one point, three of the girls were staked out in the garage and created a perimeter around the house. Needless to say, the game was concluded when the pregnant lady took a shot to the eye…. Typical!

Michael and I decided to go see Madea Christmas yesterday while the rest of the fam went to see Saving Mr. Banks.  We all enjoyed our choices 🙂

On the agenda for today, besides lounging, is some family basketball at the church gym.  This family is really good at staying active 🙂  Usually, I’m tired after a few days, but we’ve had several days that we could sleep in, so it’s balancing out well!

As for eating plant-healthy, it’s been far from easy.  We’ve been successful, but not fully.  We both ate a bit of candy on Christmas…. and I’ve not been getting as much greens as I would like, but I’ve stayed plant-strong and that’s probably attributed to my lack of tiredness! I hope to cut down on my carbs (which seems to be the easiest thing to prepare at other peoples houses) and increase my intake of cooked veggies.  Michael has struggled.  The hardest was a Christmas Eve party, it had been a really long day and we hadn’t really had the chance to eat in preparation for the party, so we were hungry arriving to a party filled with delicious looking junk food. We ate raw fruit and veggies as much as possible…. but it was not really good. I hope next year to be better prepared with recipes that I can cook and bring to events (rather than just snack food!)



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