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Those days ain’t over yet

ImageA couple of months ago I saw a friend on facebook post that she was forming an indoor hockey league.  Every since moving back to Louisville this past summer, I must admit, that I have longed for the days of hockey (and lacrosse for that matter.)  So I jumped at the opportunity.  Honestly, much of what I do is leap first, think second, as was this case.  I saw that several of my teammates and friends from high school would be joining and thought it would be fun! I had no clue just how out of shape I was… nor did I know how incredible the competition would be!

In the league there were 5 or so teams.  Two of them were comprised of UofL hockey players (or at least girls/men who had played very recently) and they were clearly very used to playing together. There was another, relatively talented team, and then a team that was mostly young moms who had not played in 10 or more years… we only really played this team once as they forfeited or scrounged up spare players for most of the other games. (I think they thought this would be a relatively easy league for older adults, though I may have thought the same thing!)

While our team was far from the best, we did a pretty good job keeping up with the competition, when everyone was present.  I had forgotten how much running was in that sport.  I suppose indoor hockey is much faster than regular field hockey since the ball travels faster and there are out-of-bounds plays.

I thoroughly enjoyed this season… more than I could have imagined.  Yes, I did come home on multiple occasions with rattled lungs (coughing up… something…) and I was sore the next day most weeks.  However, I forgot just how much fun being competitive is.  And I was pretty proud of myself in how I played during most games.

I’ve committed to playing the next (short) season with the ladies, and I hope to maintain my physical endurance so this will be a more successful round.

Between hockey and the family basketball game we played last week, I’ve really been thinking a lot about helping coach a team this year.  Perhaps one of the local middle schools could use a young assistant?

Pre-game pictures for Kati's team

I enjoyed running my team through warm-up drills while we were waiting for Michael and his friend and brother to arrive to play against us last week. In fact, his cousin said “have you ever thought about coaching? You’d be good at it.”  (Though I think he was trying to imply that I’m a forceful teammate….)

I feel like I do have a gift of “coaching” or “leading” and I’d love to pursue that someday.  I hope I’m able to inspire others which is an important trait in a leader.  Perhaps it is this interest that has me dreaming of being a undergraduate professor of public health one day?




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