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Plant-Based Roasted Veggie-Tempeh Pizza

Oh. My. Gosh.

On a whim, I just made the most mouth-watering, hearty, delicious plant-based pizza in the world.

As many of you know, last night was the BCS championship football game (shout out to my bro-in-law’s team FSU for the big V) so Michael and I were looking for something we could eat for the game.  He researched a few vegan pizza recipes, but to be honest, after our Mellow Mushroom Vegan Pizza disaster, we were a little hesitant. We ended up scrounging up leftovers for the evening… but the recipes he found did get me thinking.

I figured, if there was an easy vegan pizza dough out there, I could probably make this work!  I had tons of veggies in the fridge (thanks to the snowpocalypse scare in Louisville this weekend… no snow but the temps were below 0!) I opened the fridge to find lots of spinach, peppers, onion, chick peas, left over avocado, marinara and garlic sauce, etc. After having tried the P.S Chorizo Patties from the Engine 2 Diet cookbook this weekend, we also had nutritional yeast on hand.

I knew Michael would be coming home for lunch today so I made the quick decision to try it! I found this vegan pizza dough recipe (I used honey instead of sugar) and began to prep my dough.  While I let that rise, I found a package of tempeh that I had bought recently to try.  Honestly, it looks like something for a dog…. but it worked!  I cut up some pieces of it and it began looking like chicken strips.  I looked up how to cook it, and ended up “frying” the pieces with a little grapeseed oil and sprinkled with a bit of sea salt and roasted garlic & herb seasoning. Once that had browned (I tried a bite and was very pleasantly surprised at the flavor) I set them aside to prepare the veggies.

We’ve been SERIOUSLY slacking on doing dishes over the last few weeks, so our sink was piled high with dirty ones, so being the cleverly efficient woman that I am, I used the same skillet for all of these ingredients.


I threw a bunch of chopped up raw veggies in the skillet and set it on high with a lid over it.  I’ve found that veggies do not need oil to cook, because when they begin to break down, their natural water keeps them from sticking.  This also helps to caramelize them, which is Michael’s favorite flavor!  Don’t fear the black from the cooking, it just adds flavor!  I added two peppers, yellow and red, a bit of purple onion, and some chick peas from my salad yesterday.

Once the veggies were done (about 7 minutes later) I threw some sesame seeds into the skillet to roast (to throw on top) and I prepped the pizza.  Onto my crust, I put a light amount of veggie oil, then put a small amount of marinara.  On my side of the pizza, I added some freshly sliced tomato (Michael’s not a tomato fan) and then the roasted veggies.  I meant to add the spinach before the veggies, but I don’t think it hurt anything.

Finally, I placed the pieces of tempeh and the sesame seeds, and threw on a pinch of sea salt at Michael’s bequest.

The pizza baked in the oven @425 for about 10 minutes (I had prepped the dough in the oven prior to adding toppings for about 4 minutes.)

To top things off, I sprinkled a bit of the nutritional yeast on top, which has a very similar flavor to Parmesan cheese!

The end result was fantastic.  We both LOVED the hearty bread with the delicious veggies.  This was what I expected a vegan pizza to taste like!  Michael kept saying “it tastes better than a regular pizza!”  The only thing I would change, is to add a bit more salt to the crust, but it didn’t affect much!

This was a very easy recipe for a hearty lunch.  Michael was very satisfied and I’m confident he’ll stay full until dinner (his turn to cook!)

We’ll be making this pizza again in the future, especially since I just pulled random ingredients out of the pantry. Try one out yourself, add YOUR favorite veggies and seeds..

P.S. I didn’t end up adding the avocado, mostly because I forgot to, but also because Michael agreed to make guacamole tonight…my FAVORITE!



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