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Good Eatin’

ImageWe’ve had some good eating in the Holland house…

Over the last few days, we’ve gone CRAZY with inspiration on recipes.  It’s been cold, and we’ve had time at the house to get creative on dinners (and lunches) on our new plant-based diet. I’ve been trying to be more focused on taking good pictures of our unique dishes with our new camera, so it’s time to unload the photos!

A few days ago, we invited my dad and younger sister over for dinner (my mom was out of town, so I knew they’d have no plans for dinner!)  We decided to try the P.S Chorizo Patties along with beer battered onion rings, two recipes from the Engine 2 Diet’s most recent book “My Beef With Meat“.  Though the burgers were a little spicy for me and my dad, Michael LOVED them. I ended up saving the uncooked “batter” in the freezer so they could be a quick prep meal for Michael in the future.  A few days later, after a long day of work, Michael pulled out the leftovers, thawed them and found them to be too dry to maintain a packed patty.  So he decided to alter the recipe to be a meatloaf.


He added red onion, ketchup, nutritional yeast, hot sauce and a little Worcestershire sauce to it in a bowl, and blended into a moist patty.


Next, he placed it on a hot skillet and browned both sides.


Simultaneously, Michael made a green “cream” sauce out of avocado, coconut milk, a little bit of sugar (against my wishes) salt/pepper and a bit more hot sauce.  He blended this using our handy Farberware blender. 


A great blender for smoothies, sauces and creamy soups!

The final product (as seen above) was plated by my husband, yes we have watched too much Food Network prior to our cable blackout. (He thinks he’s a professional chef on Iron chef/chopped!) Oh well, it makes for some fun plant-based food photos!

Get creative with the food in your pantry and fridge tonight! Play your own game of “what can I create with…”!



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