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Start Living Life!

Some days, I have to admit, I get sucked into the fantasy world that girls can SO easily create on pinterest and other like websites.  It’s a world where money is not necessary, diets are figurative and everything is perfectly placed.  This world, while beautiful, does not exist.  Usually, my dream-like state is interrupted by the reminder that I could NEVER afford to own all of the items on any one of my pinterest boards, nor the time to create all of the do-it-yourself crafts or exercises…. but today it was a different reason.

I sit here, playing on my computer while my fabulous husband is “slaving” away in the kitchen preparing a fantastic Daniel’s-Fast approved dish that we picked for dinner.  I saw a few pins from friends with pictures/quotes of their dreams for their future and it occurred to me.  There are people all over pinterest dreaming and pinning quotes about having wonderful husbands who love and cherish them and serve them as they should be served… and I have one in the next room! A REAL one.

So I closed my computer and spent the evening cherishing my gift from God.


(Well, technically I opened my blog- wrote this post and then I cherished my gift from God……)



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