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Don’t get me started on vaccinations…

I have this disease…. I like to call it “overpassionatity” (don’t google that, you won’t find a cause) and it sprouts it’s ugly head any time someone decides to have a debate with me over a topic that I’m HIGHLY passionate about.

Unfortunately, I blame my high school french teacher, who would make me debate my entire class during a highly political presidential campaign, in which I was the ONLY person on the right-ish side… in FRENCH.  There are some wounds there that may never heal.

Now I’m no doctor, but I believe the problem stems in my brain.  You see, I’m a highly passionate person to begin with.  Give me a topic that I believe in, and I can talk about it until I turn blue (or more likely red) but it’s as if my brain shuts down the moment someone contradicts something that I know to be true.  I lose speech.  I’m unable to think past the knowledge that they are wrong.

I’m sure this made for a few very unpleasant teenage years for my parents (sorry, again) and I know that my husband deals with it on rare occasion…. but I’m going to approach this subject again, because it’s THAT important to me.


I read an incredible blog article yesterday, and it spoke the words that I’m often unable to speak.  Partly because of previous said-disease, and partly because my lack of a medical degree (no one recognizes that my masters is in the field of Public Health which STARTED this topic.)  This article, entitled “The Real Reason Pediatricians Want You To Vaccinate Your Kids” spoke many of the arguments that seem to escape my brain during this argument.

The first, and most important being this:  these are medical professionals.  MDs, DOs, APRNs, that went to advanced school, most likely for longer than you, and were trained in the SCIENCE behind these LIFE-SAVING advancements. I will never understand the arrogance of someone approaching one of these professionals for advice on A, B and C but completely ignoring their advice on D.  Either they know what they’re talking about, or they don’t.

Secondly, I think it’s a travesty that the internet has created a forum of blogs, many of which I read regularly and hope to one-day belong, where people truly believe the knowledge and information is more factual and accurate than their DOCTOR. Can anyone explain this to me?  I love that patients are now able to do some outside research of their own, but all of it should be discussed with a professional. ANYONE could write a blog.

Apples make your teeth green. There.  Is this now fact, simply because it is written on a blog? No. If you start your defense of anti-vaccinating with “my friend’s a PA” or “I read on facebook where a friend posted an article that…”.  Seriously, it’s false.  Do real research with real medical books and find the statistics.

Finally, I think it’s simply upsetting how many people lost their lives due to diseases such as whooping cough, rubella, and yes, influenza, and how many years and years of research went into the life-saving vaccines that are now readily available for anyone to use. (Yes, they even recommend it to folks who are allergic because the reaction is typically less than the possible side effects of the disease-death.)

I will probably never have an MD after my name.  As the writer of that article acknowledges, my arguments may never sway anyone away from their set-in-stone-beliefs on the subject.  All I can do is BEG any of my opposition to do their own research.  Not online, but in books, textbooks and case studies.  I can give plenty of recommendations, as I’ve had to do my own research during epidemiology and world health courses.

Think about this:  The American Pediatrics Association has approved for Pediatricians across the country to deny service to any patients who have not been vaccinated, in the hopes that parents of children will recognize the importance.  They cannot afford to have infants, who have yet to get the vaccination, exposed to diseases that have been all but irradiated in their waiting rooms.

It’s unfortunate that side effects do still occur from vaccines.  From my research, many of those who find complications from the vaccine would have had even worse complications from the diseases.  The odds are in your favor.

Please take a moment and read this article to get a better understanding of where those in the medical field are coming from.  We do not benefit, financially, from vaccinating.  In fact, my clinics are simply the 3rd party for delivery of these vaccinations… the money goes straight to the company supplying the vaccine.



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