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Teach Every Child About Food- Jamie Oliver

Check out this incredible video courtesy of Jamie Oliver, Chef extraordinaire. He’s speaking at a conference on our society’s knowledge of real food. It’s very informational. I’ll have an upcoming post focusing on the effects of sugar on our diets and my attempt to eliminate it from my diet! Advertisements

Green Lean Smoothie

Reading through this great post, by fellow plant-based eater HeroHealthRoom (at least that’s how I like to refer to him) I was reminded about the fantastic idea to begin each day with something green. For the same reason most people like to work out in the morning, eating your best green nutrients first thing will … Continue reading

My Embarrassment from the 2014 Olympic Games

      It didn’t take long after the tourists started arriving to Russia for the 2014 Sochi Olympic games before embarrassing pictures and tweets started to surface.  My facebook newsfeed became inundated with images of poorly supplied hotel rooms, unfinished pathways and other mistakes made by the Russians in preparation for the games. But … Continue reading

The great debate…

While I chose not to watch the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham (creator of the Creation Museum right here in Kentucky) I did follow the discussion that it generated. Let me say a few things, I am thankful that the debate happened, and also sad. I’m glad anytime my God’s name is brought … Continue reading

My most common dishes on plant-based diet

A friend recently asked me for my favorite or most common dishes on this new diet.  I have been meaning to write a post about said dishes, so I thought this would be a great opportunity. One of the things I feared most when I made this change, was the extreme, time-intense, dishes that I … Continue reading