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The Fat Drug

The Fat Drug I HIGHLY encourage you to read this article which talks about the use of antibiotics in our culture over the last 50+ years.  First to treat infections, but then to encourage growth in farm animals.   As a vegan, healthcare professional, I encourage everyone to quit blaming their providers for “over-prescribing” antibiotics, … Continue reading


One of the things about living like no one else, which is our motto in the Holland House, is that if compared to others, you may find yourself without things that you “need.” It’s always interesting to me, when I listen to callers on the Dave Ramsey Show call-in to do their “debt-free-scream” he asks them what … Continue reading

Quinoa & Kale Pitas with Tahini Dressing | Epicurean Vegan

Originally posted on Vegan Coyote:
? Quinoa & Kale Pitas with Tahini Dressing | Epicurean Vegan.

One day at a time!

Have you ever been so busy, that you couldn’t remember what all you have to do?  I mean, beyond the normal “I should have written that down” feeling… more of a “I don’t even have time to write this down” kinda thing. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself, how … Continue reading

Winter Blues

I must apologize for the delay in posts, exams and projects at both work and school have held me captive for a few days… but I have several updates! Remember that horrible experience Michael and I had at Mellow Mushroom a few months ago? (You can read about it here.) My younger sister requested that … Continue reading