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Plant-Based Eating

Winter Blues

I must apologize for the delay in posts, exams and projects at both work and school have held me captive for a few days… but I have several updates!

Remember that horrible experience Michael and I had at Mellow Mushroom a few months ago? (You can read about it here.) My younger sister requested that restaurant for her birthday celebration this weekend, and in an attempt to show our family how “easy” this transition is… we went (vowing not to go anywhere near the Daiya vegan cheese!)

It was exemplary!  I got a calzone (their crust is soy based) and stuffed it with olives, avacado, tomato, tofu and spinach and dipped it in the “red sauce” which is basically a vegan marinara.  It was fantastic!  Michael went a similar route although his was less than stellar since they “marinated” his tempeh with a apple-cider based vinegar marinade and it ruined the whole thing for him.

*This just reminds us, that if people only knew how to prepare these vegan dishes more Americans (and beyond) would be thrilled with the taste!  Neither his tempeh nor my tofu were even cooked…..  oh Mellow Mushroom

After church on Sunday we were hunkering down for the 1,837,938,948,904th snow storm of the season.  I decided to pressure cook some green beans, and make some homemade apple sauce.  I cut up about 8 apples and put them in my crock pot (skins and all) and turned it on high.  I added a lot of cinnamon and a bit of water and then took a long nap.  When I woke up, all I had to do was mash them with a fork!  So delicious.  I decided to add a few tablespoons of all natural maple syrup for a bit more sweetness.  It made a lot too so I’ve stored most in the fridge (but it is the most delicious served warm!)

Michael and I have had some more success from the Engine 2 Diet recipes.  Last week we tried the rompin’ red lentil pasta sauce over some whole wheat penne.  I accidentally doubled the spices (or rather I halved everything else and forgot to half that!) So it was a bit spicy for my taste, but he gobbled it down!

I had planned to make the cashew butter from the book but after buying my expensive cashews and allowing them to soak overnight, I became overburdened with work and they sat molding until I finally threw them out on Saturday… gross and expensive.


While bored waiting for the storm last night, we decided to look around through netflix in the documentaries. This is where we found Forks Over Knives, so we started looking at the food-based documentaries and found one called “vegucate”.  It was really well put together and follows three average New Yorkers as they test the Vegan diet.  A newly proclaimed vegan educates them on the reality of meat-eating and in the end almost all plan to follow the diet strictly.  Very interesting documentary.  I’m always inspired by this knowledge, and I learn more every time.  I was struck by the behind the scenes video of a bull being castrated and the pain that he must have endured.  I’ve never felt like an animal rights person, but I couldn’t stand watching these baby chicks be thrown into baskets, many falling or getting stuck in the sorting devices and dying gruesome deaths.

After seeing things like that, I have to believe that if Americans really knew what was behind that chicken breast, or hamburger… they couldn’t eat it.  I don’t think I could ever eat that stuff again!


Oh- and Happy 19th birthday to my baby sister!



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