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One day at a time!

Have you ever been so busy, that you couldn’t remember what all you have to do?  I mean, beyond the normal “I should have written that down” feeling… more of a “I don’t even have time to write this down” kinda thing.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself, how in the world did I get through that last month.  I can already tell you, this will be going on 4 weeks from now (if I survive!) 

Sitting in class I realize that I have an exam next week in this class… the day after another exam I’ve got.  With two projects due (separate from the 40 hours of work I have to log, and outside studying for my capstone.)

Not to complain, I’m glad to be busy and feel like I’m being pushed forward… although at times it feels more like I’m being dragged…


Here’s to April 17th… not that I’ll be done, but so much closer!



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