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One of the things about living like no one else, which is our motto in the Holland House, is that if compared to others, you may find yourself without things that you “need.”

It’s always interesting to me, when I listen to callers on the Dave Ramsey Show call-in to do their “debt-free-scream” he asks them what was the hardest part for them during the time they went gazelle-instense about becoming debt-free.  Often, it’s the little things they say, the newlyweds who wanted to decorate their house, but didn’t have that in their envelope-system budget, or the new parents who wanted to decorate their nursery like all of their friends, but it wasn’t in the budget.

I look around our house, and I see nothing but hand-me-downs.  Furniture that was given to us from friends or family, perhaps as gifts one Christmas or for the wedding.  The things in our house are not trendy or cool, though we’ve done our best to decorate and arrange things so that it’s most appealing…. 

In fact, I’m sure many people would laugh at the hideous couch that we own (currently covered in a light blue couch cover from BB&B) which was the joke of my parents’ house for 25+ years before we took it.

Just like with our diet, we’re not doing what’s normal.

Everyone else would have opened up a Macy’s account, perhaps another credit card too so that they could buy seasonal decorations from Pier One, or cleverly constructed odds and ends from Ikea…. but not us.  We’re pouring almost every extra dollar we have at our debt.  We’re planning for the future, a future where we won’t have any bill reminders coming in our mail, except for the utilities we’ll have to rent in our home.  We won’t worry about where rent is coming from, or what happens if we total our car, because we’ll own them out right, and have emergency savings for emergencies!

We won’t wonder “what are we going to do when we’re 70 and too tired to work” because we’ll be retired by then, having stored away money for our GOLDEN years.

We won’t worry about our children, because we will raise them to work for their money, and to save enough to keep them safe and comfortable.  They will always know that it takes hard work to live life like those on top.

Our things are different.  The cherished things in our home and life are not the trinkets and paintings on the walls, but the memories we’ve shared within them.  

One day, we’ll have the budget to print out some photos of those memories, and I’ll make a pinterest-inspired photo montage of sorts.  But for now, I will sit in my beautiful condo, in the light of a beautiful day, admiring the *things* we’ve built and are building more of each day!




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