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Building Healthy Family Habits

Originally posted on Baptist Health For You:
All parents want healthy children, but with demands on time and energy, it’s easy to fall into bad habits – eating fast food while watching TV and getting very little exercise. Considering the alarming rise in child obesity, a healthy family lifestyle is more important than ever. Take…

The end is near!

I cannot tell you how miserable I was yesterday. In my master’s program, there is a required exam for graduating students to pass, which essentially ensures that we are competent in various areas of our field so as to deserve a masters in health administration.  My exam, which was oral in front of a panel … Continue reading

Putting up banners… Kentucky’s run for number 9

I don’t want to talk about it.   That’s what I told my husband as we got in the car after last night’s devastating loss to that northern school. I told myself the same thing this morning when I work up and realized it wasn’t a nightmare. This is how I want to remember our … Continue reading

Eating on the go

Tuesday is one of those days where I don’t have anytime to sit or think, I’m just going-going-going all day long. Today was no different.  In addition to work, I have classes in Lexington on Tuesdays so I have to make the 1 1/4 hour commute to central KY and often don’t have time to … Continue reading

Plant-based Spring Risotto

I found this recipe on yahoo.com last night, and it looked so delicious!  With only a few modifications, I’ll convert this to a plant-based risotto… a delicious spring lunch!   Simply replace the chicken broth with your own homemade veggie broth (after your trip to the farmers market, wash all produce, and get rid of … Continue reading

Finals are upon us!

Finals are finally here… and yes, I mean the NCAA finals AND the dreaded school finals.  While I’m thrilled about one, I’m loathing the other (and of course they go hand in hand…. I can’t look forward to the final four game on Saturday without wishing my next due date is sooner!) Thus, the reason … Continue reading