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Eating on the go

Tuesday is one of those days where I don’t have anytime to sit or think, I’m just going-going-going all day long.

Today was no different.  In addition to work, I have classes in Lexington on Tuesdays so I have to make the 1 1/4 hour commute to central KY and often don’t have time to prepare meals to go.

I’ll admit, on occasion this has led me to eat nothing, or eat… junk “vegan” food…  sometimes I grab a thing of pretzels and hummus and try to make due.  I can assure you I am not a pleasant woman when I get home a 10:30 on those nights.

Today was different.

Today it was warm and beautiful outside, and I decided that I’d get some veggies from the hospital deli. I saw a few skillets sitting on a grill idle, and a plate of spinach leaves and I flew to the station. I now know that the guy behind the Mediterranean-themed stir fry counter was trying to end his shift… and he was quite grumpy when the gentleman in front of me made his order.  This ALMOST stopped me from ordering, but I took a risk.

“Can I make a salad”

“They have salad’s over there”

“With these ingredients? Spinach?”

“You want that in a salad?”


He walks away… I was confused, but then he returns with a to-go salad box.

“What do you want besides spinach leaves”

“Um, how about some edamame, corn, carrot, grape tomatoes, and kalamata olives.”

“Any dressings?”

“No thanks”

“Do you want barley?”

“No but thank you.”

“Are you sure” (Breaking into a smile)

“I’m ok, thanks”

“I’m closing, are you sure?”

“Ok, throw some of that on there…”

In the end, all I added was salt and pepper and I had the most delicious lunch AND dinner in a while! See the result for yourself!


I encourage you to remember this:  just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean they can’t make it.  If you’re paying and they have the ingredients it doesn’t hurt to ask!  This guy was grumpy when I walked up, but smiling when I left! Take a chance and mix up some foods that you’re not used to, add bright colors too!



One thought on “Eating on the go

  1. That looks delicious! Good word on asking for things that aren’t necessarily on the menu. I’ve noticed that, if I ask nicely, most people are more than willing to help me find something that will work within my dietary restrictions.

    Posted by Carrie Peterson | April 8, 2014, 9:40 pm

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