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Putting up banners… Kentucky’s run for number 9

I don’t want to talk about it.


That’s what I told my husband as we got in the car after last night’s devastating loss to that northern school. I told myself the same thing this morning when I work up and realized it wasn’t a nightmare.

This is how I want to remember our run for title #9:





This has been one of the most exhausting, yet exciting few weeks of Kentucky basketball…. and that’s saying something.  I’ve always heard that late tournament runs are always more fun when they’re unexpected, and though our team was expected to go 40-0 preseason, they were hardly expected to compete with the top teams towards the end of the season.

Those freshman pulled together and gained some confidence and pulled through game after game, playing some of the toughest competitors the NCAA selection committee could throw at us.

Only undefeated team (ranked #1) Wichita state?  No problem.

In state rival and previous national champions, Louisville?  Handled.

Former runners-up Michigan team?  Check.

Wisconsin?  Who?

It was an unbelievable story.  Just as our starting shooting guard, Aaron Harrison said it would be.

And though we’re not hanging #9 today, we did hang a banner… to remind us of the awesome story that was this team.


One  thing I thought of this morning:  If we never experienced loss, the wins wouldn’t taste quite so good!


Here’s to next year, Wildcats!  So proud of the work you did on and off the court.  Good luck to those who will move on this summer, you’re always a part of Big Blue Nation!  #BBN



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