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The end is near!

I cannot tell you how miserable I was yesterday.

In my master’s program, there is a required exam for graduating students to pass, which essentially ensures that we are competent in various areas of our field so as to deserve a masters in health administration.  My exam, which was oral in front of a panel of four, was yesterday at 3.

Nobody enjoys these types of things… even someone like me who is PASSIONATE about health care and the concerns I have about our delivery system and progress…. I still don’t look forward to being graded on my perspective.  To make matters worse, after an exhausting weekend out of town, I came down with significant allergy symptoms and though they’ve cleared up much faster than ever before… I was horribly ill yesterday.


So picture me, warm washcloth on my head to help with the splitting headache (thank you sinuses), full bladder from all of the liquids I had consumed, and sore on my tongue from maintaining a constant cough drop…. I literally suited up (thanks to my new light gray suit from Express) and headed out of town.


Knowing the energy that I would need yesterday, I began my day with a large glass of orange juice and a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  I grabbed a salad wrap (spinach, black beans, edemame, banana peppers, kalmata olives and sunflower kernels on whole wheat tortilla with salt and pepper) and ate half on the way, while drinking ever more water.


I had asked for prayers from numerous friends between the 3:00 and 4:30 hour and I truly believe my symptoms stopped during that time.


In the end, I was given a “passing” grade and assured I would make a fine health administrator due to my critical thinking. (Though I had some issues with the financial portions of the examination.) ** Side note, I was asked at one point, if I could snap my fingers and change on health behavior for all people, what would it be?  I said diet immediately, and quickly segued into my plant-based diet platform!

As much as I would have liked to have partied the night away… it was all I could do to drive home, eat dinner and climb in bed.  Michael and I did watch Catching Fire again, so I guess that’s my own version of a party?

Here’s to graduation… only 3 projects, 2 presentations and 1 final away!



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