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This is real

We saw our baby today.   Yes, that’s right… Michael braved the dreaded doctor’s office, full of blood and cleaning smells, to accompany me on our first OBGYN visit. First things first, it’s a….   BABY! Were any of you worried?       I’ve seen sonograms before, many of them… I’ve always found them … Continue reading

And so the battle begins…

Pregnancy is a beautiful time. I’ve dreamed more about being a mom (and thus pregnancy) than anything else in my life. For over a year, I have physically prepared myself through studying for exactly what to expect. Every little detail I could find out, I did. All of this studying has taught me one thing… … Continue reading


School’s out!   After 4 years of undergrad, and 3 more years of graduate school… I am officially a MASTER of Health Administration. It has been a long, hard road… my last year going full-time while working 40+ hour weeks in another town.  I could not have achieved it without the support and encouragement from … Continue reading