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School’s out!


After 4 years of undergrad, and 3 more years of graduate school… I am officially a MASTER of Health Administration. It has been a long, hard road… my last year going full-time while working 40+ hour weeks in another town.  I could not have achieved it without the support and encouragement from my wonderful family and friends!


We had a wonderful time celebrating on Saturday.  The ceremony was long, and boring.  I tripped walking across the stage (complacency) and my first words to Dr. Capiluto (UK’s president) were “I would trip…” 🙂

I enjoyed watching the doctoral students graduating.  It was inspirational.  It made it seem attainable.  Maybe I’ll be there one day.  In fact, I WILL be there if I hope to work as a professor at the collegiate level in the future.


As I finish my work day today, I realize that my evening is absolutely free… I can literally do whatever my little heart desires. Cook a plant-based dinner I’ve been craving, buy a bike, read a book, upload my graduation pictures… or just relax in bed and find a new show to binge-watch on netflix.  The world is my oyster!





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