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This is real

We saw our baby today.


Yes, that’s right… Michael braved the dreaded doctor’s office, full of blood and cleaning smells, to accompany me on our first OBGYN visit.

First things first, it’s a….   BABY!Baby

Were any of you worried?




I’ve seen sonograms before, many of them… I’ve always found them incredible.  I mean let’s talk about this, we can PHOTOGRAPH intra-uterully (is that a word?)!!! After only a few weeks of growing inside of me, they put up a video of a MOVING thing.  I saw it’s heart beating so fast (138 BMP to be exact…) I had prepared myself for a photo of the little bean, but I didn’t even think about the fact that it would be live, and moving in front of us.

Let’s just say, things got pretty real from that moment on.  I can’t say that it made the whole of my nausea completely better (I’m not exaggerating how horrible I’ve been feeling) but it definitely gave me a renewed since of purpose!

Can’t wait to go back in 4 more weeks to HEAR the heartbeat!




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