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Maternal health, Plant-Based Eating

Coming out on top

I think I gave you all a pretty real glimpse into the misery of food aversions or morning sickness in this post.  As much as I felt bad during that 4 week period of time (weeks 6 through 10) I feel that much better now!

It’s as if a switch was turned off in my body and something said “ok, we’ll tolerate food now.” Now, I’ve been burned on a few dishes already, trying to bring too many old foods back in too quickly.  Some of my favorite (or Michael’s favorite) plant-based dishes and sauces are still reminding me of the food aversion crisis of June 2014.  Hopefully, I’m on a downhill slope and the number of dishes I can handle will snowball.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, being proud of how healthy you eat, knowing that you’ve worked hard to cultivate a healthy diet for your pregnant body, but not being able to eat anything green… but mostly things full of sugar.  I’ve been assured by plenty of people, most notably my OB, that the baby is like a leech and will absolutely get all the nutrients it needs to survive… plus I know taking the multi-vitamin that I aggresively swallow each night helps to provide what I lacked in my diet.  I also know, through my maternal/child health class that pregnancy really takes a toll on a woman’s body (which is why they recommend 2 years in between labor and a new pregnancy, so your body can recover- read more here.) I’m thankful that I was able to build up a store of nutrients in my body (assumed) during the months of nutritional focus I had before getting pregnant, so that my body could handle the “trauma” of pregnancy and labor.  I hope, though, to be able to maintain a high nutrient intake throughout the duration of my pregnancy.

Though I’m not yet able to eat lettuce/spinach again, I have been able to eat green beans and broccoli and a few other leafy greens.  Beans have successfully been incorporated back in, along with lentils and rice, so my protein intake is sufficient.  

Michael has been a tremendous support throughout this last few weeks, when I’ve felt plain guilty for my atrocious diet.  I’ve found comfort in knowing that it was not likely to last too long and I’d be back on my other diet before long.  I’m fortunate to have only lost 3 lbs during that phase, as I’ve known women to struggle much more and for much longer than I did!



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