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Pregnant Moment

So I had a hilarious interaction with Michael today.  It was as if I was flying over the car watching it take place, laughing as if it was a sitcom. I figured it was definitely something for a pregnancy journal…

While driving Michael home from work today, we sat at a stoplight and I noticed him staring at me.  Specifically, my belly.  Now, I’m not showing in the way most people would notice, but I can definitely tell there’s growth (most likely from the baby pushing other stuff out of it’s way.)  I’m becoming a little more self-conscious about the “blump” which is a mix between bloat and bump that occurs in most pregnant ladies. I’m definitely not at the point of changing my wardrobe, but I feel like things are looking a little more snug than usual, so when I see Michael staring at my belly (which, to be clear was awkwardly positioned over my seatbelt) I was quickly defensive.  I think my exact words in response to his stare were something about being a terrible husband (I don’t exaggerate at all do I?) Quickly realizing what he was doing and how I was taking it, Michael- the smart man that he is- backtracked and said he was looking at my dress… uh huh.

However, moments later, I put the following words into his mouth “Did you really need that small fry from sonic as a snack? And a small cherry limeade too… hmmmm?” Realizing very quickly, that this poor man had in fact NOT said those things, and was merely noticing a small sign of life within me, I felt horrible.  Pregnancy hormones took over and I started cracking up and he looked about as confused as I’ve ever seen him. And come on, how many pregnant women have desperately asked their S.O.s to notice the tiniest of bumps at this stage of pregnancy?

Poor thing.  He’s got 6 months to go of this!


Good news of the day: I got my appointment set for the gender reveal ultrasound!  August 29 at 7:30 am.  I’ll have to make sure to get Michael some coffee beforehand! Counting down the days until I can finally “begin” planning!



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