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I’m just now recovering from a fantastic weekend at beautiful Lake Cumberland in Russell County, Ky. Fun fact: did you know Lake Cumberland is home to the biggest house boats in the country? (Maybe even the world!)

I had a blast spending time with my wonderful family and getting to watch my precious nephew play. In fact, that sweet little boy woke me up on the first morning by singing the alphabet song into my door. Talk about heart melting!

Unfortunately, I’m at that point in pregnancy where I’m not really experiencing any symptoms, nor am I showing so it’s easy to *forget* I’m pregnant. This was the case on Saturday. As we were nearing the end of the day it hit me… I had to leave and fast. It’s never a fast process to return two boats to dock and check out, not to mention gather 8 people’s worth of stuff! I just couldn’t handle it and I broke down, right on the dock under my mom’s sun hat. I had become seriously overheated, dehydrated and exhausted and I didn’t notice until it was too late.

Fortunately with the help of my sister and husband, I was able to quickly get in the car while they loaded them up.

Day two went by much more smoothly as there was less sun and I was forced to drink at regular intervals (thanks hunny!)

There may not be anything more relaxing than spending quality time on a lake with the people you love and enjoy most! Can’t wait to do it again… Although with two new babies next year, we’ll see how it goes!


Lake Trip



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