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Plant-Based Eating

Inspirational Weight Loss Stories

I have to admit, I have been a bit more emotional than I usually am over the last few weeks.  One of those emotional moments came after reading this couple’s amazing story:

The family started making small changes -– like first cutting out sugary drinks -– and then made bigger ones as their weight loss progressed. The entire family switched to an all-organic diet last year and, since May, Jessica and Robert have followed a plant-based diet with no meat or dairy.

I was astounded to see that the mainstream media had posted this inspirational story of a couple who switched to a plant-based diet while on their way to a more healthy lifestyle.  I’m so impressed with the dedication and passion the husband and wife team showed in this battle, but I’m equally impressed with how the plant-based diet has become such a household phrase.  When we began this journey last fall, I had heard of vegans and vegetarians but I had never heard of someone who ate no meat, dairy, oil or excess sugar.  I would have been as shocked as others are to learn of OUR diets.

Now that it’s getting the publicity it deserves (though I’m biased because I subscribe to several plant-based blogs and podcasts, etc) I hope more Americans and those around the world will realize the importance of taking control over their diets, and researching the effects food have on our lives.

Michael and I repeatedly tell people that we feel GOOD now.  Whereas before, food got us through the day, food now energizes and revitalizes us.  We feel proud of what we put in our bodies, and now that I’m pregnant, I’m proud of the nutrition that my little one is getting in utero!

Be inspired by stories of health.  Use them to remind you why you work so hard to eat while others have it easier.  When you’re on a trip with non-plant-based family members, and you simply want to cave and join them in the food they’ve prepared or ordered… because it’s easier.





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