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Plant-Based Parfait

  There’s no better way to kick-off fall than to wake up on a Sunday to a run and a dairy-free parfait!  It’s so easy to make, I have one almost every day… Dice up your favorite apple (I alternate between pink lady, gala, or the like) add a serving of dairy-free vanilla yogurt, Silk … Continue reading

May my actions be the response of others’ prayers

Last night, a friend offered prayer for our group and in the prayer he said “let our actions be the response of other people’s prayer.”  It struck me as an absolutely profound, and worthy ideal. For whom do I live?  Am I purposeful in all of my actions?   Am I allowing God to move … Continue reading

Post-Op Follow Up

  With unbelievable amounts of prayer, we have made it through the first 3 weeks, post-miscarriage. I still find it difficult to see new Facebook posts from friends announcing pregnancy, and it’s not because I am jealous of them or sad to see so many of my good friends so happy in this new season … Continue reading

Pushing Forward

As Michael and I begin to move on with our lives, our grief becomes something in the back of our minds rather than controlling it.  It is definitely helpful to get back into your routines, begin work again, etc. The thing, though, that we’ve found most useful is putting our effort and focus into positive … Continue reading

Grief Changes Daily

I am nothing if not a researcher.  When I am uncomfortable with something, I read more about it.  When I am interested in something, I learn all I can about it.  When I’m excited about something, I’ll study it.  When I’m grieving over something, I learn why. Over the past week, as we’ve tried to … Continue reading

Losing your Pregnancy Glow

I now truly understand grief.  It hits you in the worst moments and in ways you can’t see coming.    Three days ago, at our 16 week appointment, my husband and I found out we had lost our little child.  The appointment could not have been more opposite of what I had expected.  I had … Continue reading