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Pushing Forward

As Michael and I begin to move on with our lives, our grief becomes something in the back of our minds rather than controlling it.  It is definitely helpful to get back into your routines, begin work again, etc. The thing, though, that we’ve found most useful is putting our effort and focus into positive change.

We had been working towards becoming debt-free (read this post for more information) for several years now, though not as intensely as we should have.  A few days after my surgery, we sat at a coffee shop and looked at our bank account and our debt and decided we needed to re-examine our plan.  We went back onto totalmoneymakeover.com where we pay for a fantastic budget tool that helps us monitor our spending, and we updated it for the month of August.  Giving all of our money a name, and telling it where to go before the month began.

So far this month, we have done very well, while we’ve under budgeted a few items, we’ve over budgeted others and are coming out exactly right on many.  One way that we’ve been successful so far is getting back into cooking meals from home.  Being on a plant-based diet, it is MUCH more efficient to do this.  It is hard to find true plant-based dishes at restaurants anyways, so we were eating a lot more oil and sugar than we wanted to ordering vegan dishes.  Michael and I have a joint calendar set up with our iPhones so that we get the same alerts, etc.  So I have listed our meals for about a week and a half or so in advance.  This helps me plan/budget my weekly grocery trip and ensures that we’ll have leftovers when needed to polish off the dishes, and plenty of foods for lunches at work. (As a fun addition, it also reminds us what we’re having for dinner 2 hours in advance and Michael can look up what I’m cooking in advance so he doesn’t accidentally eat anything similar for lunch.)

Additionally, while pregnant the first time, I felt it was extremely important to monitor my weight and overall health. I know this is a big issue for most mommas and having a newborn is not exactly the ideal time to start a diet and exercise plan.  Fortunately, during my 16 weeks pregnant i did a GREAT job which just shows me I am capable of doing it next time.  However, I did gain weight, as was appropriate with my pregnant body, so I’m now a few lbs over my ideal starting weight.

Last time, I didn’t have a chance to get in shape enough to run during my pregnancy, but I feel I could use this time waiting to do just that.  I’ve started back up my running routine, running two shorter and one long run per week, with other exercises on the off days (like walking, weights, or other toning exercises.)

I feel great, and I have a lot to keep my mind busy when I otherwise may drift back into my grief!

I’d love to talk to you about ways that you stay healthy, whether it’s financial health, spiritual health or physical health.  Leave me a note below!



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