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May my actions be the response of others’ prayers

Last night, a friend offered prayer for our group and in the prayer he said “let our actions be the response of other people’s prayer.”  It struck me as an absolutely profound, and worthy ideal. For whom do I live?  Am I purposeful in all of my actions?  

Am I allowing God to move in me so much, am I so in tune with His desires, that I can be a direct response of another person’s prayers to Him?

Throughout my grieving I have noticed a missing sense of purpose.  That’s something that pregnancy brought me. It’s one thing to find purpose in a job or hobby, but when your every action, including the bites of food that you take, are making such profound impact on someone else… it’s exhilarating.  One of the things I’ve cried to Michael in my grief has been that I’ve lost my sense of purpose.  Now I’m mature enough to understand that I’ve not lost ALL sense of purpose, just my greatest sense of purpose.  This can happen to women when they grow up dreaming of being  mom, and literally dream about being pregnant.  Feeling that, and then losing it is torturous. 

If I am to get that feeling back, other than to get pregnant again (which we’re all praying happens soon) I must find ways that my every move can bring blessings to others… perhaps blessings that were prayed with fervent hearts as I pray for a little one.  

What more can I ask in life than to bring others joy and happiness?

So, God, let my actions… every day, every second, be the response of the prayers of your devout followers who believe, with faith, that You will hear them and answer.  Let me be the tool you use to bring blessing into their lives.




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