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No-meat November

As I gear up to challenge my friends and family to a month of eating meat-free (or as close to it as possible) I’ve been gathering not just plant-based meals, but healthy vegetarian meals that can serve as a gateway… hopefully…for current meat-eaters to transition their diets.  While I intend to offer many delicious plant-based meals, I know some of these folks will ignore options that lack cheese at this point.  That’s OK!  It is not recommended that you go from zero to 160 MPH with a drastic diet change (if for no other reason than digestion issues.)  Of course, if you were to watch a documentary like, say Forks Over Knives, or Earthlings… I think that 0-160 change would be easier!

This website has a great list of vegetarian dishes, including some vegan options.  I often choose to exclude the oil, again as part of a plant-based diet.  Most of the time, you can use water or veggie broth to sauté vegetables, or just ignore the call for oil at all. Eggs are also easy to exchange with 1tbs ground flax seed soaked in 3tbs water (one egg).

I hope you enjoy!



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