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How have I lived without you… pomegranates?

26 years…. I’ve gone 26 years without knowing the ultimate winter fruit: ¬†Pomegranates. Today, in my quest to continue eating fruits and veggies of the season, I discovered the unbelievable pop of the pomegranate seed. I was reminded of the health benefits of this cute little fruit, the best antioxidant you can find in the … Continue reading

Golden Rules of Grocery Shopping

I found this great article on Yahoo Health today, and the author seems to be inside my private thoughts. ¬†In fact, she begins the article with a note on how she (try though she might) can’t stop judging the grocery carts of the well-intentioned, or sometimes not, people checking out around her. I encourage you … Continue reading

Challenge Accepted

Almost a year (November 7) after I took my last bite a meat, I am excited that 5 WOMEN have accepted my no meat November challenge! While I’m sure I am overwhelming them with all of my messages I hope to send them daily encouragement as well as tips and tricks for eating plant based, … Continue reading