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Plant-Based Eating

Golden Rules of Grocery Shopping

I found this great article on Yahoo Health today, and the author seems to be inside my private thoughts.  In fact, she begins the article with a note on how she (try though she might) can’t stop judging the grocery carts of the well-intentioned, or sometimes not, people checking out around her.

I encourage you to pass this article along to your social media followers… these tips are easy to remember and have great merit too!

Here is a summary of the tips:

1. You should have at least 5 colors in your cart (natural colors!)

  • “aim for at least three seasonally fresh produce items and three frozen items that are out of season.”

2. Less than 4 foods from the middle aisles!

  • “A good rule of thumb is to follow the ingredient trail. For example, choose a cracker that has only three ingredients over one that has 20 because the latter is more likely to contain additives and refined grains.”

3. “Goodie” foods should be limited to a single serving

  • Think one cookie bar or bag of m&ms (not the King size), if you’re going to cheat… you won’t be tempted for a week straight!

4. All Carbs should be 100% whole-grain (I prefer 100% whole wheat!)

  • “this easy switch could help reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and weight gain.”

5. No Frozen Meals

  • Too many sugars and preservatives… eat what you cook

6. Drinks: Water, Coffee or Tea

  •  “several studies have linked energy drinks to insomnia, nervousness, and negative behaviors such as smoking and excess screen time. Additionally, drinks loaded with sugar are directed linked to obesity in children and increase the risk for diabetes.”

Make sure to read the whole article to understand the full benefits of these tips!



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