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Plant-Based Eating

How have I lived without you… pomegranates?

26 years…. I’ve gone 26 years without knowing the ultimate winter fruit:  Pomegranates.

Today, in my quest to continue eating fruits and veggies of the season, I discovered the unbelievable pop of the pomegranate seed. I was reminded of the health benefits of this cute little fruit, the best antioxidant you can find in the produce section, but had to look up what to do with the round, red ball of goodness.

In my search, I was told to cut the fruit in half and submerge it in water and take the seed out in there. Doing this, crushed many of the seeds as they were smushed between my fingers and the house they come from.  I found that after having been submerged for a minute or two I could pull it out of the water and fold the membrane back.  Many of the seeds popped out at that point, the others I just had to gently brush out.

Today I threw a bunch in my oatmeal with banana, walnuts and pumpkin spice.  I may add some to my salad later too.

YOU HAVE TO TRY these incredible Godly creations today!



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