About Me

A bit about me:


Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.  Grew up playing field hockey and lacrosse but HATED running. Took years of piano lessons, but fell out of practice.  Went to the University of Kentucky for an undergrad in Business Management.  Met my husband while we both sang in a Capella groups at UK. (acoUstiKats vs. Paws N Listen) Got married in 2010, moved back to Louisville in 2013.


I have one semester left of grad school, I’m pursuing my MHA (masters of healthcare administration) at UK. I currently work for an incredible arm of Baptist Health, that provides primary care services to folks through clinics located inside Wal-Marts. I have recently changed my somewhat-of-a-meat-eater-diet to a plant-based (similar to vegan) diet. My husband and I are Dave Ramsey fans and are chipping away at our debt snowball (living like no one else….)


My hopes for the future include many things.  A large, unique family that is contrary to the culture today of poor health and high debt. A family that puts God above all else, and takes care of each other second.  I hope to one day pursue my DrPH (doctorate in public health) possibly pursuing a political career in the health field or maybe a collegiate professor. I’d love to run a marathon, or complete some sort of ironwoman race, just to prove to myself that I can accomplish almost anything through hard work.

All the while, celebrating the many UK basketball (football?) championships that are to come 🙂


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