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How have I lived without you… pomegranates?

26 years…. I’ve gone 26 years without knowing the ultimate winter fruit:  Pomegranates. Today, in my quest to continue eating fruits and veggies of the season, I discovered the unbelievable pop of the pomegranate seed. I was reminded of the health benefits of this cute little fruit, the best antioxidant you can find in the … Continue reading

Golden Rules of Grocery Shopping

I found this great article on Yahoo Health today, and the author seems to be inside my private thoughts.  In fact, she begins the article with a note on how she (try though she might) can’t stop judging the grocery carts of the well-intentioned, or sometimes not, people checking out around her. I encourage you … Continue reading

Challenge Accepted

Almost a year (November 7) after I took my last bite a meat, I am excited that 5 WOMEN have accepted my no meat November challenge! While I’m sure I am overwhelming them with all of my messages I hope to send them daily encouragement as well as tips and tricks for eating plant based, … Continue reading

No-meat November

As I gear up to challenge my friends and family to a month of eating meat-free (or as close to it as possible) I’ve been gathering not just plant-based meals, but healthy vegetarian meals that can serve as a gateway… hopefully…for current meat-eaters to transition their diets.  While I intend to offer many delicious plant-based … Continue reading

Why Plant Based?

As I approach my anniversary of going meat-free, I’d like to give you some reasons why this is an important switch.  This past week, University of California Davis put on a fantastic radio broadcast from a few of the plant-based, whole foods diet big-wigs. I encourage you to listen to some of these podcasts to … Continue reading

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day- October 15

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. This day takes on a whole new meaning from last year, as we have endured this difficult loss. What does this day mean to me now? Miscarriage occurs in 25% of pregnancies, some miscarriages happen before women really know they’re pregnant (and some are identified at your 16 week … Continue reading

Pumpkin flavored everything!!!

Everyone is going crazy over pumpkin everything… And I’m no different. I’m so excited about the smells and tastes of the season! We’re experimenting with the many beautifully colored plants, including squashes and other veggies of that nature. I’ve been on a binge eating hot oatmeal for breakfast, using rice milk, rolled oats, dried berries, … Continue reading

Counting days after miscarriage

I’ve learned, during our trying to conceive process, that the calendar becomes mute. In fact, I now often confuse what the date is accidentally using the cycle date instead. Life becomes a series of hopeful days leading up to cycle day 28, then a test that drains a bit of hope and then the evidence … Continue reading

Plant-Based Parfait

  There’s no better way to kick-off fall than to wake up on a Sunday to a run and a dairy-free parfait!  It’s so easy to make, I have one almost every day… Dice up your favorite apple (I alternate between pink lady, gala, or the like) add a serving of dairy-free vanilla yogurt, Silk … Continue reading

May my actions be the response of others’ prayers

Last night, a friend offered prayer for our group and in the prayer he said “let our actions be the response of other people’s prayer.”  It struck me as an absolutely profound, and worthy ideal. For whom do I live?  Am I purposeful in all of my actions?   Am I allowing God to move … Continue reading