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How have I lived without you… pomegranates?

26 years…. I’ve gone 26 years without knowing the ultimate winter fruit:  Pomegranates. Today, in my quest to continue eating fruits and veggies of the season, I discovered the unbelievable pop of the pomegranate seed. I was reminded of the health benefits of this cute little fruit, the best antioxidant you can find in the … Continue reading

Golden Rules of Grocery Shopping

I found this great article on Yahoo Health today, and the author seems to be inside my private thoughts.  In fact, she begins the article with a note on how she (try though she might) can’t stop judging the grocery carts of the well-intentioned, or sometimes not, people checking out around her. I encourage you … Continue reading

Why Plant Based?

As I approach my anniversary of going meat-free, I’d like to give you some reasons why this is an important switch.  This past week, University of California Davis put on a fantastic radio broadcast from a few of the plant-based, whole foods diet big-wigs. I encourage you to listen to some of these podcasts to … Continue reading

Pushing Forward

As Michael and I begin to move on with our lives, our grief becomes something in the back of our minds rather than controlling it.  It is definitely helpful to get back into your routines, begin work again, etc. The thing, though, that we’ve found most useful is putting our effort and focus into positive … Continue reading

Inspirational Weight Loss Stories

I have to admit, I have been a bit more emotional than I usually am over the last few weeks.  One of those emotional moments came after reading this couple’s amazing story: The family started making small changes -– like first cutting out sugary drinks -– and then made bigger ones as their weight loss … Continue reading

There’s no way to prepare for this (nausea)

 You can read all day and night about “morning sickness”… but nothing, and I mean NOTHING prepares you for the absolute misery that is food aversions and nausea.  I will note now, that I have an unbelievable respect for the women who suffer through this for more than one trimester, and live to tell the … Continue reading