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Stop asking for Antibiotics!

In the latest news on overuse of antibiotics, the CDC has recently announced that antibiotic resistance could be the next pandemic.  (Read more here.) To say that this is terrifying would be an understatement. Many of you, in fact most of you including me, do not remember a time before antibiotics.  It is a miracle … Continue reading

Inspirational Weight Loss Stories

I have to admit, I have been a bit more emotional than I usually am over the last few weeks.  One of those emotional moments came after reading this couple’s amazing story: The family started making small changes -– like first cutting out sugary drinks -– and then made bigger ones as their weight loss … Continue reading


I’m just now recovering from a fantastic weekend at beautiful Lake Cumberland in Russell County, Ky. Fun fact: did you know Lake Cumberland is home to the biggest house boats in the country? (Maybe even the world!) I had a blast spending time with my wonderful family and getting to watch my precious nephew play. … Continue reading

Letting it all pop out (the bump that is)

Today I look pregnant, welcome second trimester.  Yes, I did only hit 13 weeks today, but I can no longer pretend not to be looking more plump. Am I mad?  Nope.  There have been plenty of times during my not-so-healthy-phases when I’ve looked forward to the moment when I could walk around following my belly … Continue reading

Pregnant Moment

So I had a hilarious interaction with Michael today.  It was as if I was flying over the car watching it take place, laughing as if it was a sitcom. I figured it was definitely something for a pregnancy journal… While driving Michael home from work today, we sat at a stoplight and I noticed … Continue reading